Cat Crave

● By Dean Jones
As soon as 2022 scouting reports were closed and draft picks selected, the Carolina Panthers and others across the league began looking at the next catch of college recruits set to enter the league next year. Spring training is well underway as programs look to put the right foundations in place for a successful season, which could impact the standing of many prospects set to take their chances at the next level. The Panthers have so much uncertainty surrounding what needs could be when the time comes. Their aspirations next season are hanging in the balance right now despite some impressive free-agent signings and draft picks, so it’s hard to gauge one way or another which way things will go. Things will not be easy. Not by any stretch of the imagination. But there is enough playing talent and experience within a retooled coaching staff to suggest progression could be made despite the national media placing them among the bottom-feeders in most preseason power rankings.