● By Chris Trapasso
Here is my first Top 100 Big Board for the 2022 NFL Draft. If you checked my Top 50 1.0 from early March, you'll notice a few tweaks, and I can explain how those came to be. Because All-22 is hard to come by, and typically more games become available from that angle the closer we get to the draft, I watch safeties and cornerbacks last, especially the ones not deemed to be at the top of their respective positions. Also, last week, I noticed a minor error in the 'size' category for all my cornerbacks, but that's been addressed in my grading system. As for said grading system, one key element to keep in mind for every prospect: I assign extra points based on how valuable I view the position they play, and running backs are at the bottom, with no 'Position Addition.' I still have a few prospects to watch, who could, in theory, jump into this Top 100 before the draft begins on April 28.
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