● By Ryan Wilson
We're just over a week out from the 2022 NFL Draft and while we have a few more mock drafts left to unveil, this will be our final big board; this time, 150 players strong. As has been the case for months, this isn't the quarterback class to find a Trevor Lawrence or Joe Burrow. And while it's an improvement over the 2013 group that included just one first-rounder, EJ Manuel, the reality is that we have just one first-round grade on these passers, and it's Ole Miss' Matt Corral (here's why we're higher on him than the others). That said, talk to someone -- anyone -- else and their top five QBs will almost certainly be different. Also worth noting: This doesn't mean only one quarterback will go in the first round. Teams overdraft players all the time, especially at the most important position, and we expect three, and maybe even four, to be among the first 32 selections.

Top Players Not Included

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