Behind The Steel Curtain

● By Andrew Wilbar

Accuracy: 13.46%215th Place
We made it! The NFL Draft is finally kicking off tonight in Las Vegas, and nobody is more excited than yours truly. This is my favorite event on the sports calendar every year, as the anticipation, suspense, and hope of each selection create a must-see event for die-hard fans like myself. Tonight, we will finally know how the first round shakes out. Do not forget, however, that there is more to the draft than just the first round. In fact, I would argue that days two and three are more important than round one. Even in a draft such as this one, where the amount of sure-fire first-round picks seems to be lower than in previous drafts, there are a multitude of high-upside prospects available in rounds two through four. Mel Kiper has stated this for years, and it is true. There may not be much firepower at the top this year, but the depth is still there. Because of the importance of all selections in the draft, I always extend my final mock draft to a full seven-round projection. This year, the Steelers are currently slated to have seven picks. However, when you combine the “Malik Willis to Pittsburgh” rumors with the “Packers and Chiefs want to trade up for a receiver” rumors, it would seem reasonable to believe Pittsburgh could wind up with more, or fewer, than seven selections when all is said and done.

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