● By Kyle Stackpole

Accuracy: 13.94%187th Place
Remember the 2013 NFL Draft? No? Then let me remind you. EJ Manuel was the first quarterback off the board, going 16th overall to the Bills. The next two signal-callers taken were Geno Smith at 39th overall by the Jets and Mike Glennon at 73rd overall by the Buccaneers. Those were the only quarterbacks taken in the first three rounds, and none of them amounted to anything more than a serviceable backup. Given the significant emphasis placed on quarterback prospects in recent years, there will be more than one taken in the 2022 NFL Draft -- whether it's warranted or not. And in this year's class, none of these prospects are seen as traditional first-round signal-callers. Some have even compared the group to the lackluster one of 2013. There is one prospect, however, that has all of the physical tools (sans height) of a high-end draft pick. That would be Liberty's Malik Willis, and his performance during Senior Bowl practice Wednesday, battling through rainy and windy conditions, could be one of the defining moments of his draft process. He was accurate as a passer and explosive as a runner. His arm strength, the best in this year's class, was evident on a variety of throws.

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