● By Pete Prisco

Accuracy: 17.55%85th Place
With apologies to my colleague, Ryan Wilson, who has done 14,033 mock drafts since September, it's time for me to enter into the madness that is Mock Draft Mania. This my first. It won't be my last, but don't grade me on it. It's one of four or five I will do leading up to the draft, including my favorite mock, which is the what-I-would-do mock -- the mock that is usually closest to what the actual draft looks like. In this one, I have the Carolina Panthers taking Bryce Young with the No. 1 overall pick. They traded up with Chicago to land the selection, so it's certainly going to be a quarterback going in that spot. I went with Young in this mock, but I still think it's wide open as to who goes there. There is a chance it can be any of the top four quarterbacks.

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