FF Faceoff

● By Cannon Brisco
The time has come when we decide who each team should select in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft. We’ll be conducting this way too early mock draft, which should give you an idea of who the top prospects in the 2024 class are. We all know strange things happen all the time in the NFL. For example, the Giants were a playoff team in 2022 but now are on the brink of selecting their next Franchise quarterback. Will the Patriots have the same coaching staff next year? Furthermore, is the SEC still the dominant powerhouse in NFL Drafts? Reminder, it’s early, so don’t be upset until the card has been turned in to the NFL Commissioner. Let’s get into it.

Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 32 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but do not show up in this mock.