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● By Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz
The midseason point is as good of a time as any to compile an NFL mock draft. Even if teams aren't already looking ahead to the coming year's draft, several fan bases already are. While the college football season has seen several players raise their profile, the top prospects in this year's draft remain the elite few who already had established themselves as the best of the bunch more than a year out from their draft date. That's not to say there won't be any surprises at the top of the order, which remains in flux. But for now, those first picks appear to be a race for the names many have been familiar with for some time. Using an approximation of what the first round would look like if the season ended today, here's USA TODAY Sports' latest 2024 NFL mock draft:

Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 32 of our

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