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● By Lou Scataglia
Does mock draft season ever go away? Probably not. Let's dive into this 2025 NFL mock draft, which is two rounds long and includes trades. The 2024 NFL Draft only ended about two months ago, but here we are rolling out 2025 mock drafts. One thing seems certain in 2025; the QB class does not appear to be nearly as talented as 2024's, so that could lead to some drama at the top of next year's draft. With six quarterbacks going in the first round, that could pave the way for some new QB-needy teams to make some noise in 2025. There is still so much unknown, but it never hurts to try and get a pulse on what other teams might do. Another wrinkle that could impact the 2025 NFL Draft are some of the same teams picking high. Teams like the Patriots and Commanders picked in the top three this year and both took QBs. Both teams could end up being in line for some struggles in 2024, which could propel them to the top of the 2025 NFL Draft. Let's try to make some sense of what could happen with this two-round 2025 NFL Mock Draft.

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