Cat Crave

● By Jared Feinberg
Business is officially picking up as the 2022 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away from commencing. At this point, teams are finishing up their trips for pro days and are now in the process of top-30 visits. Front offices across the league are also beginning to finalize their big board and beginning mock drafts of their own to prepare themselves for any scenario that may occur on the big night. The Carolina Panthers are one of those teams going through their draft process, as we speak. This organization is in a tough spot from top to bottom with blunders from ownership all the way down to the coaching staff, including head coach Matt Rhule. Rhule is on the hot seat this offseason and will be on that same seat throughout the 2022 campaign. His inability to secure a franchise quarterback has been one of his main downfalls on top of the continuous mistakes he has made as a head coach.