Still Curtain

● By Ryan Pawloski
The 2022 NFL Draft is less than a week away and there could be some fireworks for the Steelers. They have shown a ton of interest in these quarterbacks coming out of college and up for selections. The top five specifically could go in almost any order and it wouldn’t surprise many. This draft class has some good prospects and some that are more favored based on their potential. A lot of these quarterbacks are looked at with their potential in the minds of evaluators. There are truly no top dogs for the position, but there are favorites that the majority like over another. There could always be another position going to Pittsburgh in the first round, but it looks like they have a plan to leave night one with a new signal-caller. They have focused too much on the position to ignore it now unless another talent unexpectedly fell to them. That would probably be the only way they would neglect the quarterback position, but even then, they might still go with one.