● By Will Brinson

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We're all pretty sure that the New York Giants are going to draft a quarterback right? Not so fast my friends. I think the Giants are legitimately doubling down on Eli Manning this offseason, or maybe even tripling- or quadrupling-down. They want you to KNOW they're not taking a quarterback and they don't care what you think. Give Eli an extension. PAY THE MAN MORE. Sign him forever. Give him a contract through 2029 and let him hand off to Saquon Barkley (or the next RB they draft in the top five a few years from now) while he's standing on a walker. Ride it out and never let the Eli era come to an end. Or something. You get the point here. I think the Giants are going to pass on a quarterback in this draft and I think Dave Gettleman is going to go all defense and try to compete in the NFC East this year with a formula that is kind of viable when you squint hard enough at it.

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