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● By Matt Fitzgerald

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We're a little over halfway through the NFL season, and let's face it, there are fans of certain teams who are already looking ahead to the offseason to see how they can dig themselves out from the bottom of the league.  Going off the current Tankathon order for this 2023 NFL Mock Draft — with the full understanding the draft order will change on a weekly basis — this seemed like a suitable time to get a feel for how each organization might attack the first round. Probably won't have another of these till the end of the regular season at least, so if you're a Jay Cutler-invoking 'DOOOOOOOOON'T CAAAAAAARE' troll, take solace in that.  I do my best to be objective. I mostly base mock selections on what I think each team's front office would do, as opposed to what I would personally do. I'd say it's about a 75-25 split formula in the imperfect science of my mock draft decision-making. You have to throw in wild cards to make it interesting, of course, which I do. Especially with the Giants at 28th overall. STAY TUNED!

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