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We're here, finally. It's officially Draft Day and what better way to celebrate three of the most exciting days of the NFL offseason with one last mock draft (until our 2024 way-too-early mock draft comes out Monday ... we wish we were kidding). We've done way too many, including a seven-rounder and a 'what we would do if we were the GM mock.' We feel pretty good about some of the picks below but let's be honest: this is a crapshoot. It's what makes the whole process so much fun. And while you take all this in ahead of Thursday night's festivities, don't forget to check out 'With the First Pick,'' the NFL Draft podcast we co-host with former Vikings general manager Rick Spielman. We've come to you from the Senior Bowl in Mobile, Alabama, the Super Bowl in Phoenix, the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, and took you along for our Pro Day Tour at Ohio State, Alabama, Kentucky and Florida -- where, it so happens, the top QBs worked out. So, check out our archives, or just what we've done this week 'one final mock draft' a look at some of our favorite players (including sleepers) in this class, and a live night-before-the-draft Q&A with viewers.

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