● By Tom Fornelli
The Super Bowl will be played in Las Vegas this Sunday, and while millions of Swifties around the world prepare to tune in, the fans and front offices of 30 NFL teams have turned their attention to the offseason and the NFL Draft. There's a long way to go between now and the actual draft and plenty more to be learned about what teams will need by the time they all get together in Detroit. I have plenty of work left to do myself. While I watch more college football games than most people on Earth during the season, there's a vast difference between evaluating a player in college based on his performance and what his team needs and evaluating him as a future NFL prospect. I know plenty about the former, but I've barely scratched below the latter's surface. I'm keeping things basic for my first mock draft of the year. I only have one trade, and I'm not pushing too far outside the norm here. That will change as the draft approaches, and I've formed stronger opinions on players and have heard more from others about what's likely to happen. That said, there are a few players I've snuck into this mock who I have not seen or heard mentioned much as first-rounders, but I'm willing to pound the table for them.

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