NFL Spin Zone

● By Lucas Schuh
Looking back to the off-season, the Denver Broncos were all positives. The Broncos made a couple of notable off-season moves with the acquisitions of Ronald Darby and Kyle Fuller to an already quality defense. To add to the Darby and Fuller move, the Broncos also drafted one of the better cornerbacks in the draft in Patrick Surtain. Denver was looking positive, but then during the day of the draft, the whole NFL world exploded. Adam Schefter broke the news that Aaron Rodgers possibly wanted out of Green Bay, and it turned out that Denver was one of the teams that Rodgers possibly wanted to get traded to. The days and weeks after, rumors were swirling around Rodgers and where he might land. Rodgers is still in Green Bay, and Denver never got him. To start the season, there was still hope that Denver would land Rodgers after this season, and initially, things seemed to be going well. Denver was showing why they were so positive heading into this season, but they also received a pleasant surprise in Teddy Bridgewater who was arguably playing the best football of his career.
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