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● By Cory Kinnan
The Cleveland Browns have a final 53-man roster! So why not futurecast that roster and poke holes in it with a little 2023 NFL Mock Draft fun? Looking at the initial 53-man roster the Browns released, there are evident holes at the defensive tackle and wide receiver positions. Both of those units easily fall in the bottom five in the NFL on paper. Sure, they have to play it out on the field, but those rooms look downright bad (and have looked bad throughout the preseason). A third tight end is also missing from the roster as well. Then when we start to peel back and look at contracts beyond the 2022 season, we can see that the center position, tight end, and defensive end rooms start to look thin on the depth front. General Manager Andrew Berry has not been a General Manager who is willing to move draft capital for players on one-year deals but instead will sign players to those contracts.